Gayfinancialadvisors.com forms union with Gaymarriagelawyers.com

There is a new marriage in the gay and lesbian professional services website market. www.gaymarriagelawyers.com  has recently announced a union with www.gayfinancialadvisors.com . The two websites are co-branded to help the GLBT community locate GLBT professionals nationwide.

In the past 4 months www.gaymarriagelawyers.com  has become a leader in its field. www.gaymarriagelawyers.com  recently sponsored the first annual Boston Gay Lesbian Wedding Expo, May 2nd. www.gaymarriagelawyers.com  is a major sponsor of the Orange County, CA Gay Lesbian Wedding Expo July 18th, and the company is also a sponsor of the San Francisco Gay Lesbian Wedding Expo August 15th.

www.gaymarriagelawyers.com  helps couples find a lawyer that can provide a informal, relaxed atmosphere where you will meet personally to make those important decisions about your life, your loved ones, your assets and your property.

Lawyers can provide legal services in the areas of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, domestic agreements, family law, probate, real estate, and adoption. Prior to making an appointment with a lawyer, you will have the opportunity browse the webpage to choose qualified lawyers in your area. The site includes each lawyers education, and legal experience.

The latest addition to www.gaymarriagelawyers.com  is exciting. By co-branding with www.gayfinancialadvisors.com , the company is opening up to a larger audience, and is already receiving great welcome from the GLBT community. It has long been known that gay couples can not rely on partners pension benefits, social security, joint tax filing, and other benefits heterosexual couples do receive. www.gayfinancialadvisors.com  helps the GLBT community find a local financial advisor that can help individuals and couples plan their financial future.

Contact jeff@gaymarriagelawyers.com  for further information