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Why Gay Financial Advisors?

It has long been known that gay couples can not rely on partners pension benefits, social security, joint tax filing, and other benefits heterosexual couples do receive. helps the GLBT community find a local financial advisor that can help individuals and couples plan their financial future

Gay couples own homes together, share businesses, and must plan their financial futures together. We predict the GLBT community will be calling gay and lesbian financial advisors. Financial advisors will see this as a testament to the strength of their community.
We predict gay couples will reach out to gay financial advisors in their community.

Gay Market Consumer Data
Gay market reports that 78 percent of gay online users prefer to buy from companies that advertise to the gay market.

More affluent. The gay and lesbian market is perhaps the most affluent and loyal affinity group of all.

More discretionary income. The average middle-class family spends over one million dollars to raise a child through age 22. Some gay people have kids. Most don't. Where are they spending that money? On your products and services. (USA Today, US Census Data)

A incredible market. There are 26 million gay and lesbian in the US population alone - larger than the combined disposable incomes of the latino and african-american markets. A combined disposable income of $450 billion.

Research shows that gay consumers are...

  • Over twice as likely as national index to be professionals or managers
  • Average household income over $85.4K
  • Are 3.4 times more likely to have household income over $250K
  • The 2000 Census showed gay men and lesbians living with partners in 99.3 percent of all U.S. counties
  • Research shows 9 percent of urban populations are gay and lesbian
  • Twice as likely to have graduated from college
  • Gay men and lesbians go out more, buy more, have more disposable income and are extremely loyal consumers
  • Gay and lesbian consumers purchase from companies/brands that advertise in gay media, deliver product messages in gay-specific advertising, support gay and lesbian community causes and are good to their own gay and lesbian employees
  • Four times as likely to spend over $150 on long distance monthly
  • Twice as likely to spend $250 on cellular service
  • Over 90 percent took a domestic trip this year
  • 60 percent took a foreign trip in the last three years
  • 65 percent identify themselves as having to have the "latest"
  • 68 percent upgrade to a product's latest model
  • 77 percent "believe in indulging in themselves"
  • 57 percent "prefer to buy top of the line"
  • 59 percent buy themselves whatever they want

More Loyal. Just look at Absolut and American Airlines - each leads their category in the gay market as a result of their targeted advertising efforts. Gay customers are 87 percent more likely to buy brands that advertise to them directly. (Simmons)

Forbes Magazine estimates 546,000 homosexual couples will marry per year.

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